Are you planning to purchase a new LCD TV? Well, you may have made the best choice. However, there are also some few things you should know before going for that LCD model you have in mind. Below are some pros and cons of an LCD TV set.

Pro: Extremely High Resolutions

LCDs can easily reach HDTV resolutions. In fact, most LCD displays have similar features as those of HDTVs. You can find a 1080p-capable LCD display in all but the smallest sizes. Even so, many plasma displays are still 720p. For instance, most LG LCD TV models have been rated as the best by customer feedback. This means that LCD have enhanced resolutions.

Con: Limited Viewing Angle

Typically, LCD TVs have a poor viewing angle as compared to other versions such as the curved TVs. It is hard to view a good and quality picture, especially if you are not sitting almost directly in front of the screen. However, manufacturers are working around the clock to make them better.

Pro: Excellent Color

LCDs offer exceptional reproduction of colors. Almost all LCD TVs present in the market have a clear, incredible and beautifully re-created display with a variety of colors across the spectrum. This differs from other flat-panel displays which often tend to display certain colors inaccurately. In short, this means that you will definitely enjoy the quality of pictures displayed by an LCD TV.

Con: Limited Brightness

Since LCDs use a backlight shining through the liquid crystal, most of the light produced in the display unit is absorbed. Due to this, the LCD displays have lower contrast as compared to their LED counterparts. This makes them harder to view in a brightly lit room beaus the picture appears to be washed out.  Nonetheless, LCD TVs with LED backlights do better in this regard.

Pro: Energy efficiency

LCD TVs are perhaps the greenest HDTVs. Compared to plasmas, LCDs use less electricity to run. Unlike similar sized plasma TVs, you can expect to use about 30 percent less power while using an LCD TV.

Con: May be Expensive

Most LCD TVs are slightly more expensive for their size, pictures clarity and more great features. Comparing side by side, the LED TV price is relatively lower than the LDC TV price.

Those who do are only interested in a screen and not the other features may find an LCD TV a bit costly. Additionally, most LCDs tend to be more expensive than plasma flat panels.

Pro: Great Picture Quality

The newest and most expensive LCD TV use a LED (light emitting diode) backlighting system. LCD displays are able to produce a higher-quality picture since the LED backlighting system radiates a natural light compared to a bulb. This makes the light to be yellowish, not true white.


Some of the above points are music to the ears of many customers intending to purchase a new TV set. However, others may get concerned with the negatives. This means your discretion is important when it comes to making the right purchase decision.



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