If you are serious with your internet business, then a search engine optimization audit or SEO audit is essential for your business. There are expert Pasadena SEO teams which offer these type of services so that you will be able to fully optimize your internet business. If you have a website, an SEO audit should be a standard procedure and should be done frequently.

Not like those traditional audits, an SEO audit is performed solely for marketing purposes, and when it is properly done, the audit should be able to give you a better perspective with your website, its individual pages, and the overall traffic. An SEO audit is one best way for you to improve the overall performance of your website which will then allow you to get a better ranking in the SERPs.

Ideally, an SEO audit should be performed either at the beginning of a new project or at the beginning of a new quarter.

If you are now considering to have your website undergo an SEO audit, below are some of the essential reasons why a website SEO audit can be good for your business:

  • You have an improved organic search

In order for you to get a boost on your search engine rankings, it is important that you need to have an understanding of what you want to rank for. A solid keyword strategy is one good start in attaining an excellent organic search ranking. Thus it is better if you know who your market is, and who your competitors are. This will help you develop on-page SEO code for your business website and search engines like Google will then be able to know what your website’s rank is basing on the on-page optimization and the content of your site. A website audit is going to involve keyword discovery and in-depth research that is going to be integrated into your on-page SEO including your off-site website advertising.

  • You will have an enhanced usability

The only limit to the functionality and the design of your website are your imagination and your SEO team. It is not also good that your website is overly complicated in terms of its design, and are giving too much information. If you can’t present your website in a clear and concise manner, then chances are, your visitors will leave your site quickly because they will be having a hard to discern if they landed on the right place or not. With a website audit, this will help you in detecting what specific areas need to be simplified. With this, you will know what the content, the function, and the structure that is going to work perfectly well for your users.

  • You will have a stronger and better content

With a technical site audit, this will look into critical things like bounce rates, page views, time on site, and many more. These are those key areas that really need to be enhanced for you to achieve a better engine indexing. The quality of the content that you are providing is one essential determinant in relation to the search engines and people who are repeatedly visiting your website. The conduct of an audit as to your content will also help you to grasp the types of contents that your visitors love, and as to how they like when they are viewing it, such as videos, images, and words. With this, your visitor will now be able to experience interactive and useful content which will then lead to a better organic ranking on the various search engines.


  • You will attain improved conversion rates

Of course, for any business, having good and increasing conversion rates is important. By having a website audit, this will analytically examine what your top landing pages are, their content, their design, and even the calls-to-action just to ensure that they maximize on conversions. This process is not that easy because this can take months by just figuring out about what actually works for your website. Nonetheless, by having strategic planning, analysis and testing, getting your website to undergo an SEO audit will impact an increase to your ROI.

  • Attaining better search engine optimization

Search engine optimization has indeed changed so much in recent years. There have already been at least 500 changes per year on its algorithm for Google alone. This implies that things may work now, but very soon enough, it might already be different than what is working today. Having a good search engine optimization means that your website should be able to focus on offering the best possible user experience first, and then followed by the search engines.

By focusing on to your users, you will be able to avoid constantly analyzing each detail of your search engine optimization. By having a website audit, your search engine optimization will undergo evaluation, and these professionals will know it affects your user experience. The experts will then arrive at strategies which will make both your users and the search engines satisfied.

  • You will be able to determine potential revenue resources

Websites which are using the same keywords as you can be your prospective influencers or affiliates that you can partner with. An examination of the citations of your online business can help you discover rich proven leads and bloggers who have frequently linked to your content. Thus, through a website audit, you will have the chance to unearth lucrative opportunities which can help you raise the profile of your brand.

  • You will improve your information structure

If your content is not accessible to your readers, then it is useless to have strong and readable contents on your website. Data analytics is essential so that you can ensure that your content can be easily found by your readers and the search engines. Through a website audit, the professionals will be able to identify which areas of your site need to be rectified so that it will be able to attract more traffic, thereby increasing your website rankings.

It is preferable to perform routine audits on your website by at least thrice a year. So, by being proactive, you will then be able to build your website traffic organically, increase your visibility, and then be able to gain momentum through consistency.



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