Cloud technology has experienced incredible growth in recent years. Cloud-based platforms and software are currently becoming the norm for firms of all sizes. With the many variations of cloud technology, providing different levels of information technology support and control, the cloud marketplace can prove to be a confusing place.

Firms have a lot to put into consideration when selecting something like ServiceMax and other cloud enterprise software systems. They must reflect the required levels of functionality for the unique business requirements. Businesses must decide whether to go with public or private cloud. They also need to know the levels of the cloud services they need.

Criteria such as return on investment, risk, and fit must be considered before making the final decision. With many options available, it is easy to notice that cloud-based business solutions are not developed equally and there are some factors you need to put into consideration when making your decision.

Cloud Security

When choosing a cloud solution, security should be the first factor to consider. In the early years of cloud computing, most firms were concerned with the cloud security issues provided by this technology. Currently, the technology underlying the available cloud platforms and security controls of the cloud vendors is mature.

When it comes to security concerns, software solutions are not equal. Some may choose to offer primary infrastructure components and decide to leave security in the hands of clients. Also, some cloud solutions may not have the necessary expertise to provide clients with secure hosting. You should request to know the server levels, the type of network and the physical security measures in place paying close attention to the following:

The physical security of your provider’s data center, which includes biometric access control, CCTV and the access records. Encryption both for the information sent over the internet and within the cloud solution’s network. The security of your provider’s API and the web interface.

Business Process Remodeling

If you are planning to use a public cloud, you should understand the type of customization you need based on the desired internal enterprise processes. It will help you identify the available possibilities with your cloud providers and the platforms you are considering. You need to consider things like non-source code customizations, on-screen adjustments and the levels of accommodation flexibility. Make sure you understand all the workflow processes such as the point-and-click versus the technical programming. You should also understand the type of system integration and the typical services that are provided with a pricing model.


You should take your time to evaluate the provider’s scalability via infrastructures such as load balancers, bandwidth, data warehouses, and servers among others. Analyze both the short-term and long-term growth strategies and the levels of service. You should know if the provider will be in the position to maintain and improve the cloud computing service levels with the expansion of its clients and business. When choosing your cloud solutions remember to test the existing bandwidth and hardware along with technical recommendations for maintaining and improving the cloud software.

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