The use of data monetization has been widely used in the recent years. Many people consider eCommerce a difficult task in terms of cost and time. There are companies that offer eCommerce solutions in the job market which are affordable to the customers. Some of this companies pioneer the empowerment of analysts empowering analysts, hence providing intelligent profile and transforming data into information that is consumable. These global companies provide data that is powerful and upstream in nature to ensure the customers are contented.

In eCommerce the information is packaged to a catalog that involves all the customers- the retailers, wholesalers, manufactures and all distributors. Through the entry to customer’s catalogs, they ensure that the services offered to customers are fast and also improve the whole monetization process. They offer creation of trusted information sources and use of services that are value added on eCommerce. This is due to the struggle that distributors face to provide accurate data which is needed to increase the population in their catalogs and websites. They therefore increase the value for their customers. Intensive labor and the whole excels manual process is reduced by application of presentation of data hence matching the products.

Companies allow the acceleration of the availability of new parts and product information making the customers successful at the job data monetization, such companies no longer require much reliance on the manual tiring excel processes but use fast methods to reconcile their data. and then reconcile the data. There are various results that are obtained in using any data monetization services. They include; the standardization of data from the upstream manufacturers to make information that can be accessed by the other lower- retailers, wholesalers and manufactures. Also the reduction of duplicated data identification in certain time intervals.

In addition to that they result to the leveling up of data preparation automation that empowers the software to divert the time that is spent in maintenance of excel other initiatives that are more strategic. They therefore focus on tasks that adds value unlike the whole tiresome and time-consuming process. They also increase the rate of enriching the data which is taken to the market place. Similarly, they generate direct revenue from different services that match the product data of the customers.

The various eCommerce site used includes; images, categorization and other information that is needed by the distributors to increase the population of their catalogs and websites. They therefore help the distributors to effectively sell their products to their different customers online. Therefore, data monetization forms an act of the generation of economic benefits from data sources that are available. Companies that offer monetization services therefore conducts data analytics. As the distributors gain these services, the benefits accumulate inform of savings or revenue. Most importantly, they are not limited to any market share gains. Not to forget they consider some ethical standards due to conflict of interest among the various groups that are involved in the supply chain.

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