While the internet has succeeded in making our lives easier on many fronts, it has also given hackers and other cyber-criminals a chance to steal data or cause damage to websites for their personal gain. Hence, as a site owner, keeping your website and its data secure from malware attacks and other cyberattacks should be one of the primary things on your mind. While comparing web hosting services, you must look for providers and plans that offer optimum site security and proactive scanning to find loopholes and fixing them before being exploited. Additionally, site owners can also take measures to boost the security of their websites. There are numerous tools and applications available to help them do so.

Today, we are going to talk about one such security tool – SiteLock Website Security and assess if it is worth the cost.

What is SiteLock Security?

SiteLock Security is a security tool designed for the internet. It helps site owners in keeping their websites protected against cyberattacks. This is a premium tool and is very effective in ensuring the security of the site.

Is it worth the money?

Before looking at the cost-efficiency of SiteLock, think about how much you are willing to pay to keep your website secure. Every website is different and has different security requirements. If you are collecting and/or storing sensitive user information like personal details, financial details, etc., then the security requirements are high. On the other hand, if you have an informational website with no user data being collected, then basic security measures should be fine for you. It is important to ensure that your site is adequately protected because if it has regular security breaches/issues, then users might start staying away, and the site’s SEO score could fall. Here are some features and benefits of SiteLock that make it a highly cost-efficient security tool:

1. Vulnerability Scans

Any tool offering website security services should be able to identify security vulnerabilities and patch them before a hacker uses them to gain access to the site. SiteLock Security ensures that your site is scanned at regular intervals for malware and other malicious code and helps you take corrective measures before any damage is caused.

2. Firewall

When it comes to security, a website firewall is the first defence of a website. A firewall identifies requests that can be harmful to your site and blocks them. This ensures that they do not reach the webserver. Also, when it identifies a threat, the tool informs you to help you take corrective action.

3. Web application scan

Apart from security loopholes in the website, the applications and software used by you can also have vulnerabilities that can be exploited by a cyber-criminal. While application developers release regular updates to keep the application safe, a small glitch can allow a hacker to gain unauthorized access to your site via the application. SiteLock scans all web applications and cross-checks if the updated version is in line with the app-catalogue.

You can check out some more benefits of SiteLock in the following video:

Summing Up

As you can see, SiteLock Security is a 360-degree security tool that is proactive, responsive, and helps secure the smallest aspects of your site. While hosting companies charge different rates for SiteLock, the costs are usually not very high. The price that a site owner might have to pay in the event of a security breach can be much higher. Hence, buying SiteLock Security is a good decision.




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