We’ve all heard stories about disgruntled customers that were upset about the response from an organization’s customer service team. Those disgruntled customers feel that their needs were not met, and the customer service department was not very supportive. Those disgruntled customers spread the word about the organization’s treatment and the relationship is broken. This boils down to an organization that is not really in touch with their customers. Some organizations realize this early on and add customer service software to automate the process and keep in close contact with their customers. What is good customer service? Let’s take a closer look.

Understanding Customer Service

The fact is that the quality of an organization’s customer service will either make or break the organization. Great customer service and interaction with client’s creates a very positive profile which attracts new customers and keeps current customers loyal to the organization. Customer service is more than just being courteous and chatting with customers. It includes a number of policies that are set as standards to follow by the organization. It includes everything from initial contacts with customers via the telephone, email, website, or in person to the way they are greeted upon entering the door at company headquarters or store. Customer service is all about making sure that your customers feel that they are valued and appreciated by the organization and staff.

Keys to Provide Great Service

Perhaps, you’ve heard about customer relation’s staff or other workers at a company failing to meet even basic customer considerations. Clearly, the key to providing great customer service begins with the employee training. Management should design an ongoing training program that teaches their employees to provide valuable service to the customer. Great customer service begins with the basics. For example, answering the telephone promptly, answering email queries promptly, providing relevant solutions to customers in person that settles their complaints.

Great Service Begins with Great People

Certainly, a company or organization should take a long look at the type of people that they hire to work at their organization. Look at their initial resume. Ask them about their customer service background. Ask relevant questions about different scenario’s or complaints that might happen at your organization. Did their answer satisfy the question or was it totally irrelevant? Remember, hiring the right people is also key to offering customer’s great customer service.

Customer Service Remains Important

Any organization that would like to stay active for the long term, requires great customer service. Remember, bad customer service reports travel fast today. This is due to the powerful influence of social media. An angry customer might sound off their complaint on social media, if their complaint is not handled properly by an organization. It takes a company years to build a positive reputation in the community and only one complaint to destroy their positive work.

Every organization should make providing great customer service to their customers vital. Begin with understanding customer service effect on the organization. Next, provide relevant training and always hire qualified people.

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