It seems that the rise of the “smart phone” has created two different opinions in which there’s no gray area, it’s either black, or white, positive or negative. Some argue that the smart phone and telecommunications in general have created a disconnect from personal relationships and is creating a generation of tech zombies who just want to be on social media and watch television. The other side argues that we’ve become more connected for the same reasons, that we can send a text or FaceTime with someone by clicking a button. In this article we will discuss the positive impacts of smart phones and technology in order for Right There Repair.

Smart Phones

Yes, we agree that people spend way too much time on social media. Unconsciously scrolling through their feeds, looking at what other people are doing, as opposed to sitting down and working on their own lives and goals. We, however know that when an invention is presented it has positive and negative possibilities. For example, when we figured out how to split the atom, we decided to use it for mass destruction, instead of collecting the energy of the explosion. Though technology and cell phones are not as destructive as an atomic bomb, smart phones and social media have done so much good for the world in the following ways:

  • An easier way to make friends and talk to people
  • You can learn things quickly, with something new posted every day
  • Different platforms hold different people
  • People can get to know who you are, across the globe
  • Personal development and social skill enhancements
  • Career opportunities and growth of businesses

Isn’t it much easier to comment on someone’s photo, add them as a friend, and call them to meet up, than randomly asking friends in public if they want to be your friend? Yes, it is. There are all sorts of pages, and all you have to do is follow them to learn new things. You can follow a science page, a business page, etc. and soak in everything that they post. You will find resources, connections, and career opportunities as well, if you’re open to it and seeking them. The popular trend in social media these days is personal development, so why not learn from the greats and grow your own self.

In conclusion, in this article we discussed the different ways in which the smart phone, technology, and social media have had a positive impact on society. Though some people preach the opposite, we believe that the cell phone and social media have given thousands of people a platform to make friends, to be seen by others, to showcase their skills and knowledge, and to further their career or increase their sales. If you know nothing about social media, we advise you to either take a course, or ask someone who does so that you can open your mind to its possibilities.

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