Creating a happy office environment s not only good for everyone who works there, but from a productivity point of view, this also increases as the office is a more productive place to be when the staff are feeling happy and energised.

Here are a few ways to make the best of the office and to make it a more positive and productive place for everyone to be…

Let in the Light – Light is so important to how human beings work. It affects everything from mood to core body temperature. Letting plenty of natural light into the office is a great way to lift the mood. If the office doesn’t have an abundance of natural light, light colours and LED lights that recreate daylight are the way to go.

Comfort – When furniture is old and outdated, it not only looks shabby, but can cause all sorts of problems like back pain and nerve problems to people spending a lot of time sitting at a computer. Update things like reception chairs such as these regularly and ensure that all staff have a comfortable seating arrangement.

Employee rewards and perks are another good way to keep the motivation levels high in the office. Encouraging team targets and treating staff to lunch every so often keeps the morale high and can bond everyone as a team, meaning that productivity as well as positivity are much higher in the workplace.

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