The smooth running of Mac OS X is impressive. However, that doesn’t mean they are flawless. In fact slowing down of Mac, especially an old one, is a common sight. With more stuff stored in your hard disk over years, your Mac is sure to run into frequent performance issues like why is my mac so slow. If this is happening to you, too, it’s time to take things in hand to get everything fixed on your Mac.

Thankfully, there are many effective ways by which you can make your Mac run like new by performing some cleaning and maintenance tweaks.

For those who’re wondering why is my mac so slow and are not confident in making the fixes manually, the best mac cleaner like Mac Optimizer Pro can help them speed up and clean up Mac drastically.

  1. Make your desktop clutter-free

Your desktop is the first screen that loads up after you turn your Mac on. It must be kept clutter-free. The reason is that each and every item stored on the desktop takes up space on your Mac’s memory. Hence, keeping the desktop clean by deleting all unwanted items will fix why is my mac so slow issue by speeding up Mac.

  1. Manage Login Items

The apps you install configure your Mac’s startup settings in such a way that when you turn on your Mac, these apps also launch simultaneously many of which only act as burdens to badly affect your Mac’s booting as well as overall speed.

In order to speed up mac and fix issues forcing you to ask yourself why is my mac so slow, kill these login items. Simply, head to System Preferences > Users & Groups > Login Items. Select all unwanted items from the list and click on the ““ button below.

For those who’re not-too-tech-savvy, a best mac cleaner like Mac Optimizer Pro can help resolve the why is smy mac so slow trouble by managing their device’s startup or login items and fixing other issues. The best mac cleaner is designed to take care of multiple issues single-handedly.

  1. Free up the hard drive

The free space on your Mac’s hard drive is used as the virtual memory to run the system smoothly. This means you’ll have to leave more space on your hard disk to make your Mac perform better and fix why is my mac so slow.

Locate and delete heavy, unwanted files occupying your disk space. Apart from this, clear out the trash bins of the system and apps like iPhoto, iMovie, and Mail.

You can save a lot of your time and efforts of cleaning the hard disk by using the best mac cleaner to sort all heavy and unnecessary files and folders that you can remove from the disk. Mac Optimizer Pro, the best mac cleaner, is trusted and up-voted by millions of Mac users worldwide.

  1. Disable visual effects

While most graphic and visual effects look pretty, they consume a heavy part of your Mac’s system resources. Instead, you can do away with these effects if your Mac is performing poorly forcing you to ask why is my mac so slow. Here’s how:

  • Go to System Preferences > Dock
  • Uncheck these boxes next to these options: Magnification, Animate opening applications, Automatically hide and show the dock, Turn off accessibility
  • Choose Scale Effect in the “Minimize windows using” heading
  1. Use the Activity Monitor

Understanding what’s taxing your Mac’s memory isn’t possible every time. Instead, you can make use of the Apple’s Activity Monitor to learn the CPU usage, RAM, and virtual memory usage. Simply, open the Finder window > Applications > Utilities > Activity Monitor. Here, you can see the list of all currently-running apps. Choose which ones are unnecessary and minimize their use to fix why is my mac so slow.

All these fixes are effective but demand knowledge. For those who don’t feel comfortable tweaking their Mac’s settings, it’s recommended to use Mac Optimizer Pro the best mac cleaner, designed to tackle multiple performance-sapping issues single-handedly in an efficient manner. Download Mac Optimizer Pro, the best mac cleaner, today and save your valuable hours to speed up and clean up Mac.

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