Tote bags are a fun accessory to carry around. These are a great alternative to plastic bags as they are environment friendly. Many companies these days make use of tote bags to promote their brands amongst their clients.

You may have seen many different Tote bags in supermarkets. You will see the ones with the parallel handles and the unfastened structure as the Tote bags. This is the Low German word “tute”, which means “bags”. custom earth  offers a wide range of personalised tote bags that are 100% usable. Are you thinking about customisation?

We offer high-quality printing options for photos, text, and any other media. Our large bags can be customized for branding purposes by companies. Our canvas bags are durable and stylish. Our custom tote bags can be used by any company, fashion boutique or influencer for accessories.

Building Up on your Clientele List

When you carry out any promotional event for your company, you can always give out promotional tote bags as a memento filled with sample products or mementos. Many companies might feel that investing in custom made tote bags might be a waste of time and money. This might not have to be the case, provide you purchase the right quantity and know how to market them.

If you are looking at offering custom made tote bags as your promotional strategy then you can check out websites such as that make use of eco friendly materials to design their tote bags.

You might need to think out of the box when it comes to creating a lasting impression in the minds of your clients. Many companies might also be in the same boat trying to promote their products through tote bags and if your promotional tool is not up to the mark, you might lose out on your potential customers.

Types of Tote Bags

Different companies have different preferences. Some of the common types of tote bags you might want to consider are:

  • Classic tote bags
  • Printed tote bags with company logo
  • Budget tote bags
  • Tote bags with company name embroidered on them
  • Glow in the dark tote bags

Creative Ideas with Tote Bags

Here are lists of creative things you can do with your tote bags. Your clients are sure to love these innovative ideas.

  • Using tote bags as gift baskets
  • Tote book bags
  • Filling tote bags with spa items
  • Using tote bags to keep perishable foods and beverages
  • Tote bags for grocery items
  • Tote bags for shopping
  • Tote bags for keeping documents

Tote bags will make an excellent choice as gift baskets when it comes to showing your appreciation to the clients. Cute mementos and keepsakes can be appealing to the clients. If you own a bookstore and your target audience are students or teachers, then you can opt for tote bags filled with informative books.

Everyone likes to pamper themselves once in a while. Tote bags filled with scented candles, aromatherapy oils and bath essentials can help your customers unwind and relax themselves. You can look for tall tote bags that can be used to store a large number of items and at the same time easily fit into lockers.

Tote bags can also be used to keep perishable food items. You might find many styles of tote that can help to hide the contents of the bag with custom made prints on them. Tote bags can also serve as grocery bags as these can be reused on an everyday basis. Office going customers might like the idea of tote bags that can help store documents and supplies.


There is no restriction on the style, designs or types of tote bags you can choose from. These promotional tote bags are never to fail in winning the hearts of your clients. You can Reusable Bags Wholesale Pricing at website of custom earth promos.

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