The life of a DJ is incredible. They get paid for partying, socializing, and drinking alcohol. Sounds ideal, right? Not quite. The lifestyle of a DJ can extremely simply become an unhealthful one, and contemplating the majority of DJs are actually self-employed, they have to stay healthy to keep getting paid. The following instructions are all tried and tested and will certainly aid if you are also trying to stay healthy and at the top of the game.

Wear the Musician’s Earplugs:

As soon as you’ve any kind of ear problems (and if you are a DJ, it is not a case of if, but when), you are gonna be told to evade loud music. It is a great advice, but it is also completely unrealistic. That said, tinnitus is not fun, so what you should do? Our advice is to put in earplugs. Not the foam ones you purchase in chemists, but the ones made for musicians that decrease the overall volume of music while still allowing a little of everything through. Check out more at Fractal Beat.

It is like turning the volume down in the ears rather than just quitting everything. And with a little of getting used to them, these earplugs really do work! (If you really cannot DJ with them in, and a few cannot then put them in at all other times when you are in the club, taking them out for the actual DJ sets, cautiously seeing your monitor volume for ensuring that you do not push it too high.)

Quit Smoking:

If you’re a smoker, both you and the bank balance will be much healthier if you really stop. We know it’s simple for us to say, but please try the hardest.

Drink Even More Water:

There’re a lot of diverse opinions regarding how much water we ought to drink. A lot of professionals oppose with one another, but a general rule of thumb is that we ought to be drinking at least eight glasses of water every day to avoid dehydration. This amount ought to be boosted if you work out regularly or live in warmer places. More particularly to an average DJ’s lifestyle, if you do have a few alcoholic drinks while working, then try drinking a bottle of water in between these drinks. If you require having the energy drink, try to drink a little water before, and the urge might go away. Once you reach home from a gig or back to your hotel, try and drink one glass of water before going to bed. It’ll assist with the incoming hangover if you’ve had one-too-many.

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